Hiring & Firing

Potentially The Most Expensive Part Of Your Business

Hiring And Firing

Potentially The Most Expensive Part Of Your Business

You have heard the saying “Hire slow and fire fast,” right?

Well that makes a lot of sense when you have the right legal processes for hiring and firing in place. If you don’t, this will be a tricky area.

Hiring and firing team members has the potential to be the single most expensive part of your business, bar none.

And most entrepreneurs simply have no idea how to go about it, not just from a legal perspective but from a “how to run your business” perspective.

We can help you hire right, train smart and fire when necessary so that you keep as much time and money in your business as possible.

What are some of the risks?

There is a whole lot you need to know about when it comes to how you hire – what you can say and not say, what you can ask and what you must never ask, how to set up payroll, whether to designate team members as independent contractors or employees, and of course how to fire.

Hiring and firing team members is your greatest area of risk in your business. We help you mitigate that risk.

For a review of your employee handbook or a deep dive into any of your questions about hiring and firing right, schedule your LIFT Your Life And Business Planning Session.